Anonymous asked:

When was the last time Tron lost control over his powers? What caused it/happened as a result?


The last time he completely lost control was the night of the wedding. The whole situation was a bit to much for him to take in at one time so he blew up. It resulted with me having minor burns and Tron getting sick but i managed to stop him from burning the place to the ground.

Anonymous asked:

I heard you like drawing death scenes! >8D Let's have... Yami Yugi holding Yugi just after he lost to the Orichalcos! I know he didn't technically die, it's still sad! Maybe you could add some fan-dialogue?

Not sure what the orichalcos is but okay. More death scenes~

Anonymous asked:

I'm going to ask for something really, REALLY sad nowz... TT^TT Can you draw Yami Yugi dying in Seto Kaiba's arms? I love Prideshipping~ But I need some Angst. I'll happily draw a oneshot fic for your pic! x

YES! Death scenes!