Anonymous asked:

You probably get a lot of requests but, would you ever consider drawing Emalf from The Gray Garden?? And maybe Yosafire with him?? uwu

Actually that has already been personally requested dear anon.

ultimatebuttpool asked:

Hey, it's the Joe and Arsy anon! I finally got a tumblr. XD I just wanted to ask a few things- How did you get into drawing, and how did you deal with progressing your style of drawing? Do you have a sketchbook? If so, can we see some photos of it?

Let me see here. There is not a single memory i have where i was not drawing but i really started to progress and learn more about five years ago when i first really started diving into anime. I will admit that dealing with a progressing art style can be rough but getting angry will never help since it. I know from experience. Anger will only hinder your ability to explore new styles and see what you really are able to do. Being on tumblr was what really advanced my art and i am still pretty young but i feel i have come far. I used to work in sketch books but mainly my practice work ends up on homework margins and scrap paper I would love to show you guys some stuff.