Anonymous asked:

Can I have Yuugi comforting a crying Ryou? Just the two of them? Whenever you're able of course! I hope you have an easy time getting back on your feet after the whole computer catastrophe!!

Sure I would love to. My computer is recovered for the moment but there are some bugs in paint sai that have ruined a few pictures and there is no way to fix them….which is ticking me off…maybe when I buy it again it will not do that any more.

Anonymous asked:

I hope things are going well with you Miss Neal! School can be rough but I know you can do it! You're wonderful and fabulous you know that? And we don't deserve someone as wonderful as you!

Thank you for the nice words dear anon. I am a bit worried about my schooling but I know that will pass. I don’t deserve such great people. You guys are the reason why i have progressed so much in drawing in such a short time. The extent in which my art has changed would have taken me years if not for you all sending me requests and supporting me on. So thank you all for the help.




Bakura laughed at the sight before him. The Pharaoh’s vessel was hanging from a gallow. His friends had been lost in the pit of shadows. He had turned the tombkeepers into jackals, and had them chained to his throne as pets. A brainwashed Kaiba was his right hand man, and Zorc…

Everyone needs to read this! It is beautiful!